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Camping Gear

Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed: First Impressions

We at the Loadout Room are all about a product’s versatility, myself included. I don’t want to use a so-called “one-trick pony.” The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed falls far from that phrase. I had a chance to check out this ‘newer’ offering from Sierra Designs at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, and have gotten my hands […]

MSR Alpine Bottle: Review

MSR Alpine Bottle: Review

I know I’m not the only one who has been riding in a vehicle trying to take a drink from a wide-mouth water bottle when suddenly the driver brakes, hits the gas, or goes over a bump, and you end up in a soaked mess. The MSR Alpine Bottle alleviates those issues while still having a […]

Streamlight Siege LED Lantern Reviewed

Review: Streamlight Siege LED Lantern

It’s hard to get excited about a camp light, but a camp light like this does make me excited. Gone are the days of dealing with the glass globes, wicks, and mantles of the Coleman camp lights we all used as kids. The 21st century and the Streamlight Siege has made those obsolete. This compact, […]

MSR Pocket Rocket Reviewed

Imagine yourself in a fox hole, it’s been raining for a week and you are all wet. Because of the tactical situation, you need to keep the flames at a minimum. You are cold, miserable and most likely demotivated (true story here …). Then you see a buddy of yours jumping in your hole with […]

North Face 2- Meter Dome Tent

Say you’re looking to go camping with 8 of your best friends. I know… where is everyone going to sleep? Well your worries are over.t North Faces 2-Meter Dome tent sports a Hermishpered shape design with steep walls to maximize space, two windows and a chimney vent to let out some of that hot moist […]

Soto Pocket Torch

An inexpensive, easy to use, cheap, lighter converting, mini torch that’s just right for a last minute stocking stuffer. For just under $20, and a 50-cent lighter, you no longer need to burn your fingers trying to light your next campfire.  Turn your everyday lighter into a wind resistant 2,300 degree torch with this bad […]

Drip Coffee - DIY Camping

Drip Coffee – DIY Camping

Around our house, we take coffee very seriously. We’ve tried it all: Moka Pot, French Press, Drip, Burr grinders, you name it. Recently we’ve found that a simple cup of pour over coffee is the way to go. There’s a precise amount for the coffee to water ratio, temperature, drip time, rest time, grind setting etc. […]