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North Korea Expected To Resume Test Launches Of ICBMs in April

South Korean and the United States intelligence points to North Korea allegedly making preparations to begin tests on another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), possibly the Hwasong-17, in April, said government sources to a South Korean domestic media outlet on March 14. “Though we can’t say definitively when a missile will be launched, we have been […]

US National Security Advisor Warns China, Do Not Help Russia Evade Sanctions Or Else

Following reports of China potentially helping its ally Russia with military equipment as well as economic aid, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan met with Chinese Foreign Policy Adviser Yang Jiechi in Rome amid rising concerns from US President Joe Biden that China may be using the current crisis to advance its long term interests […]

Yellow Rain: When Bees Were Mistaken For A Soviet Chemical Attack

They say that rain is a blessing. Showering the Earth and making the grasses look a bit greener— but what if it is an ooey-gooey, deadly, yellow rain? The Deadly Drizzle It was one bright and sunny day in 1981 when the Vietnamese and Laotian people noticed a sticky yellow liquid occasionally pouring down on […]