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Purpose-Driven Scopes for Every Application: Nikon’s PROSTAFF P3 Family

Nikon introduces a new line of purpose-designed scopes just in time for the upcoming hunting season and summer shooting activities. The new PROSTAFF P3 line-up of scopes includes eight new models specifically designed for muzzleloaders, slug guns, predator hunting, crossbows and rimfires/air rifles. The all-new Nikon riflescope family consists of platform-specific models bearing PROSTAFF P3 MUZZLELOADER, […]

SF Assaulter Shows How To Set Up Your War Belt: Tactical Rifleman Video

This great Tactical Rifleman Video covers how to set up your Duty Belt, currently called a “War Belt.” Assaulters have been running gun belts or duty belts for decades. These usually included just a pistol holster, spare pistol magazines and maybe a dump pouch. Fast forward, and the current trend is to move commonly used kit […]

Perfect Aim but still MISS? Watch Kirsten Joy Weiss Tell You Why

You won’t find this shooting technique just anywhere. Most shooters don’t even think about it – and they’re missing out! Proper Rifle Cant or Gun Cant (also known as cant error or even scope cant) is a complicated topic, but I’ll explain it simply – and how to simply avoid cant error! Want to know […]

The Importance of Proper Cheek Position: Watch Kirsten Joy Weiss

Bet you never thought of this before – but it will definitely make you a better shooter and help you with perfect aim! Champion Shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss shows you this important fundamental shooting tip. Want to know how to shoot a rifle and improve accuracy? Another thing people often overlook when aiming… this is […]

Meopta's MeoStar R2 2.5-15x56 RD Riflescope: Accommodate Changing Light and Weather

Meopta’s MeoStar R2 2.5-15×56 RD Riflescope: Adapt to Changing Light and Weather

Meopta USA Sport Optics’ newest, high-performance 30mm MeoStar R2 riflescope features a 6x variable magnification range, wide field of view and exceptional light transmission.  Meopta’s advanced MeoLux lens coating is optimized for twilight performance which helps hunters see better and make accurate shots in the most challenging light. MeoLux combined with Schott glass and expert […]

When Should Cops Use Shotguns? Watch This 1976 Police Training Film

Most police officers get a fair amount of practice with their sidearms, but they don’t fire a shotgun very often, perhaps once a year in most departments. There is a running debate in law enforcement over when to take the shotgun out of the police car or run without it. Police and civilians need to […]

Simple Trigger Drill to Fix Flinching

Danish Ministry of Defense Picks SIG P320 X-Carry as Their New Military Service Pistol

The Danish Ministry of Defense (MoD) has selected the SIG SAUER P320 X-Carry to replace their standard service pistol covering the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Operations Command (SOCOM).This is very similar to the model which won the U.S. Department of Homeland Security competition two years ago. The Danish MoD is the ministry within […]

Double Barrel Gilboa Snake AR: Two barrels, Two triggers, Two Shots

Watch Double Barrel Gilboa Snake AR: Two barrels, Two triggers, Two Shots

Kirsten Joy Weiss shoots the NEW Double Barrel Gilboa Snake AR! It’s wildly unique. Shooting it is an even wilder ride. There is NOTHING out there like this! Two barrels, Two triggers, Two Shots simultaneously, if you can. Features: Caliber 5.56×45 Method of operation Gas impingement Weight without magazine 4.90 kg Overall length 790mm Barrel […]

Precision Long Range Shooting: Correcting for Rifle Cant

Correcting for Rifle Cant in Precision Long Range Shooting:

Precision long range shooting has grown in popularity over the last several years. New technology has allowed shooters to successfully engage targets at distances previously thought impossible. A level reticle is vital for success at longer ranges, so the product development team at Warne have designed a Universal Scope Level that attaches to any scope […]

Citizen Involved Gun Fight Statistics: What do They Mean to You? Paul Harrell Video

There is a lot of conflicted and confusing information on gun fights. Paul Harrell does a great job unpacking the statistics and provides some interesting conclusions. Paul talks about distances, number of rounds fired and perceptual distortion in citizen involved shootings. It is not enough to have opinions. you need to question what you know […]