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The new Kershaw Boilmaker EDC knife

Two things stood out to me when I first saw the new Kershaw Boilermaker folding knife. The modified drop point blade, the finish of the knife and how sterile it was. The first two are obvious, but you may be wondering what I mean by sterile. What I mean is the lack of markings and […]

Kershaw Natrix XL Folding Knife: Size Matters

The Kershaw Natrix XL is a large, capable blade. Big enough to fight with, slim and well designed enough to conceal easily. Featuring a heat treated blade, it’s tough enough for any job around the campsite. The super smooth opening and pocket clip placement mean its easy to get into action. The frame lock means […]

Kershaw Decimus: A Gladiators Folder

With a heroic look, this distinctive every day carry (EDC) takes you back to a scene from Gladiator when Maximus kills the unworthy Emperor Commodus with his own spear point blade. Based on Rick Hinderer’s Maximus blade, Kershaw has created the Decimus; a single-edge spear point folder with the classic BlackWash™ finish. The blade is […]

Kershaw Emerson 3 Piece Cook’s Set | Camp ready cutlery

Ever since I gave up on minimalist camping, having a few conveniences from home while outdoors has been nice. Bottom line, my wife isn’t a minimalist. So in order to get her to accompany me on various adventures, I decided to look into Overland Camping. Basically packing everything into my Tundra and living out of […]

Kershaw Concierge | A discreet edge

Oregon-based knife manufacturer Kershaw has a very diverse collection of pocket knives, but as of late, one unifying feature has pervaded many of their offerings: discretion in design.  The Kershaw Concierge is a perfect example of that ennobling virtue, perhaps the common thread is a broad company shift, or possibly it is the earmark trait […]

The Emerson Kershaw CQC-9K | A New Everyday Carry

The Kershaw/Emerson CQC-9K has been my everyday carry knife for a while now. My initial goal was to review not as a weapon, or a survival knife, but as an everyday carry knife. Throughout my CQC-9k review, I was quite pleased with its performance. I like simple things, and the CQC-9K proved to be rugged, reliable […]

Kershaw DuoJet | Form and function

Kershaw is at it again.  The Tualatin, Oregon based manufacturer has released another batch of new knife models: I was lucky enough to get my hands on one to T&E, the DuoJet. The Kershaw DuoJet has a 3.25″ long 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, that’s titanium carbo-nitride coated.  The 4.5″ handle has matching gray titanium carbo-nitrided steel contrasting […]

Kershaw Launch 2 Knife: First Look

As rules about automatic knives loosen around the country and more people begin to see the value of having a knife that can be opened quickly with the push of a button. This has caused a corresponding increase in the number of automatic knives coming into the market for civilian ownership, but there is a […]

EDC Giveaway Packages Feature 100 New Springfield Armory® 911 .380’s and 100 Kershaw® Knives

Springfield Armory®’s new 911 .380ACP is the most concealable pistol the company produces.  As a natural option for your every day carry (EDC), Springfield Armory is providing 100 winners with a complete EDC starter package for carrying concealed, encouraging safety, practice, preparedness and versatility. Springfield Armory has partnered with seven brands, including Kershaw Knives, in […]