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VSSL Gear – A VeSSeL for Your Camping and Survival Essentials

Being outdoors is awesome. Nature is purely amazing, and it never gets old. Except when Mother Nature is pissed, like with a hurricane, earthquakes, huge fires, or something like that. Other than that, it’s always incredible and awe-inspiring. Hopefully, one good thing to have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, is that people were able […]

Gear in the Wild: Nothing like camping with your buddies (or working all night in an exercise)

U.S. Soldiers from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 111th Infantry, 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team conduct a night live-fire iteration of a Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise during Exercise Decisive Strike 2019 at the Training Support Centre, Krivolak, North Macedonia, June 11, 2019. Combined training enables allies and partners to respond more effectively to regional crises […]

The Hennessy Hammock Survivor | Lightweight Comfortable Camping

I’ve lived in a lot of different shelters throughout my time as a survival instructor. Pup tents, tents, snow caves, hammocks, rock over hangs, tree wells, lean-to shelters, lean-aways, shelters made from parachute and most other shelters. Throughout this I’ve defaulted to something simple most of the time, a tarp of some type with a […]