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Celtic Shield Wallet

Image courtesy of Erik Meisner

If you haven’t heard of RFID or RFID Skimming, pay attention to this. From Wikipedia: RFID Skimming is a form of digital theft, which enables information from RFID based smart cards to be read and duplicated. It can be used as a form of wireless identity theft or credit card theft among other forms of information theft. Typically it works by illegitimate reading of RFID chips at a distance using a cheap RFID reader device, which downloads the card information. From there, it can be written to a new blank card, which then operates in the same manner as the original legitimate card. Because the data is identical on both cards, and the information is only copied, it makes no difference if the original data is encrypted or not.

Celtic Shield Wallet
Celtic Shield Wallet

So now we not only need to protect ourselves, but the credit cards in our wallet as well. This is were the Celtic Shield Wallet comes in to save the day. Celtic Shield is a disabled Veteran owned and operated small business that manufactures these slick RFID defeating card holders. They are 100% made in the USA of 60/61 Military spec aluminum in either Ranger green or black. The two aluminum halves of the wallet are bound together with an elastic webbing that allows you to pull them apart to access your credit cards. The aluminum parts which provide the shielding for the Celtic Shield Wallet along with the pocket clip are fastened using small allen machine screws. Celtic Shield included with the wallet, a correct allen wrench, a spare set of elastic webbing and a cool poker chip with their logo on it.

Celtic Shield Wallet

Another awesome feature is the challenge coin cut out. This is a great feature that allows you to always have your challenge coin on your person. There is the option to add a sturdy steel pocket clip that can be used to secure the wallet or to hold your cash in place. Another option is custom engraving which is a great way to show the love of your military unit, police force, etc. I ordered mine in Ranger Green with Multicam webbing, coin holder, pocket clip and  a Tab & Scroll as well as the 75th DUI engraved on opposite sides.

The wallet measures 3 1/2″ long and 2 1/8″ wide and weighs 88 grams empty. The thickness depends on how many credit cards you carry, as well as if you add the pocket clip. With four credit cards, a drivers license, my CPL, cash and my Ranger coin, it measures 7/8″ thick.

Celtic Shield Wallet

Bottom Line:  With RFID Skimming becoming more popular, the Celtic Shield Wallet is a product you may want to consider sooner rather than when it’s too late. I found that it takes some getting used to at first. I’ve always carried a leather bifold which would mold to my ass over time. I can assure you that this sturdy aluminum wallet will mold to nothing. Due to it’s smaller overall size, I carry it in my front pocket now and really like it.

The Celtic Shield Wallet has become a part of my EDC along, with my ZT0350 knife and a few other miscellaneous items. As an added bonus for me, I will no longer be caught without my Ranger coin…………………………… I just did push-ups for admitting that.

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served in Attack Company, 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment as a rifle team leader with deployments to the Middle East, Central America and Asia. He's a licensed pilot, SCUBA diver and enjoys Alpine skiing, shooting, Overland camping, boating, sea kayaking, traveling and golf. Growing up in a military family, Erik had the pleasure to live and ski all over North America and Europe. Now residing in beautiful Northern Michigan with his wife and 2 sons they continue to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.