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Published on May 18th, 2012 | by Brandon Webb


THULS Sniper Data “Dope” Book

The good folks at THULS sent us a few custom sniper data books to take a look at a while back. I ended up giving one of the books to a sniper in the SEAL Teams and he’s not given it back yet, and this is always a good sign. He did report back that the guys down range are liking the practicality and durability of that these books lend themselves to.

Most SOF guys love to bitch and moan about bad kit but not the case here.  These little weather proof data books have a lot of great information including a great density altitude chart (essential data for longer shots), Unknown Distance Range Cards, and weapon bullet drop information by weight (e.g. bullet grain). Great stuff.


Unknown Distance Range Card

Check them out and let us know what you think. You can click the link above or find them at

Brandon out.



Just love long distance shooting and anal about accuracy. Just got a 300win mag that shoots about 300remultra reloaded. Want to start shooting 1000yards. Been a Leupold shob for years due to eye relief but thought I should go with Night Force/US optics/ Shmidt&Bender. Any suggestions?

[email protected]


Hornet Driver is correct.  We at Thunder Beast Arms,, developed this concept and worked with THULS to get it printed on their material.  These books were built for the MARSOC Advanced Sniper Course, (MASC)  and have been issued to the students there since Jan.  So far, we have had nothing but good feedback.  Zak is the genius that wrote the ballistic program to generate the numbers, and its about the best one I've seen yet.  No "truing" required.  Fortunately the data book is not dead, just the old concept of gathering stacks of pages is.  With our book, once you know your dope for a given range and DA, you just fill it in if it differs from the nominal set given to you from our program.  That's all you were ever collecting anyway.  You can zero in Helmund on one card, pull the correct DA card for Asadabad and that's all you need.  A lot of thought went into this book to deliver MARSOC a usable product.  Our team at TBAC consists of Distinguished Marksmen, a SOTIC instructor, a MASC graduate, a computer engineer/eccentric genius and a couple of civilians that have forgotten more about precision rifle shooting than I'll ever know.  And we make some pretty bad ass cans too.  


 @TBAC_CCYou guys are awesome.  Ive been wanting to try out one of your cans for a while now.  Cody was the one who told me about the data book, and Ive been showing the guys in Recon it.  Hopefully they will bite off on it like MARSOC did



jimmy03 4 Like

I graduated from the Marine Corps Mountain Sniper Course a few months ago and this data book is all I used.  The cards are based off of density altitude.  In the left column they have the suggested dope for the given density altitude which will get you within 2 MOA of the target, and the right column is blank, so once you figure out your actual dope for the range, you can write it down.  That being said, my dopes were never more then .1 or .2 mils off from the suggested ones.  In regards to PDAs, in 2 deployments as a sniper I never once took a PDA out on a mission.



 @jimmy03 Glad it worked out for you, if you need need anything else let us know.


I need a good new Sniper's Book so much!  I use JBM all time on the web and on my wishlist is an Android or something which can run a good ballistics program.  My Barrett has the BORS which is fun - but I was happy that I learned to do things the old fashioned way when I went to try for the first time going from 600 to 1000, got there and it had died :)

FormerSFMedic moderator 3 Like

@katgirl231- Kat, the data book is a great tool. I use a data book to write down various information about my shooting, the rifle itself, and in developing handloads from time to time. However, you're on the right track with wanting a handheld ballistics program (or solver). I almost never use a data book for traditional firing solutions anymore. As Todd Hodnett said, "the data book is dead". At least in the traditional sense. It can still be useful for keeping information pertaining to precision shooting in an easy to use binder but shooting from yard line to yard line and gathering DOPE is a waste of good training time. The solver will give you MORE accurate data while making things much easier and much faster. I can gather months worth of DOPE using a ballistic solver and about 10 rounds of ammo! If you're looking for a program to use on a smartphone, might I suggest Bulletflight which was developed by Knights Armament. Bulletflight is available for IPhone and Android. It's currently being used by LEO and Mil snipers and it works very well. I would suggest the "full" version which is only about $30. If you're looking for the ultimate solver and aren't worried about spending some extra $ then I would suggest the ATrag solver from Horus Vision. The ATrag is the standard program for the Army and Marines and is considered to be the best solver out there. The ATrag features a trueing option which allows you to get an exact ballistic algorithm for your rifle. It's amazing how accurate the ATrag really is. I've used it for a longtime now and it's never let me down.

jeffreycarr 1 Like

 @FormerSFMedic Thanks for the tip. I just downloaded BulletFlight to my iPhone. Much appreciated.

Corps Hornet Driver
Corps Hornet Driver 2 Like

 @FormerSFMedic Used ATrag 4.0 at Quantico a while back...   Definitely a nice program, and worth the investment in my limited experienced opinion.

Corps Hornet Driver
Corps Hornet Driver 1 Like

 @FormerSFMedic I don't think 4.0 has been released.  While nobody called the version Beta, I suspect what I was seeing was a Beta version of 4.0


 @FormerSFMedic Thank you thank you!  I bet I have thirty years of spiral bound range books which have things I learned on the trip, WX conditions, taped in targets and chrono information.  That was especially when I did PPC and then long range.  I did learn that keeping a log from known range to range never taught me much.  Now I've got something really useful to save for!  Great recommendations!

Tango9 moderator 1 Like

I'm on this like Mel Gibson on a jug of whiskey

Old PH2
Old PH2 moderator

Much better than the scans I have from The Ultimate Sniper printed onto Tyvek.  Still looking for a way to print out digital pic's and include them, in the field.  I already include sections from Topo's then overlay an acetate with the unknown range card onto it.  

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