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Concealed Carry: Where Do You Carry? - TheArmsGuide.com

Another Stride for Illinois Concealed Carry

Illinois concealed carry made a significant stride today with the latest proceedings from Springfield. Those who have been following the Illinois concealed carry journey will remember that back in December 2012, the Supreme Court ruled the Illinois ban of concealed carry as unconstitutional. They then set a limit of six months for the state to […]

TAG Team Welcomes Writer Jarrod Needs - TheArmsGuide.com

TAG Team Welcomes Writer Brian

I’m excited that as The Arms Guide continues to grow, we can provide more content from new perspectives. I’d like to welcome TAG’s newest writer, Brian, to the site. Here’s a little more info on the TAG Team’s newest member. Brian is just plain passionate about life. Whether it’s playing too long with his kids, […]

Photo Friday: Competition Shooting Is FUN! - TheArmsGuide.com

Photo Friday: Competition Shooting Is FUN!

Those who wish to carry a firearm have an obligation to become proficient with their carry firearm, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot just for the fun of it. One of the ways I enjoy the shooting sports is through competition shooting. There are some skill development crossovers that can help someone perform […]

Photo Friday: Gunnies, Unite! - TheArmsGuide.com

Photo Friday: Gunnies, Unite!

One of the best parts about being involved in the firearms enthusiast community is the opportunity it has presented me to meet some great people. I’m continually surprised at how the shooting sports draws so many intelligent, level headed, and compassionate people. At events like the 2nd Amendment shoot where this photo was taken, I’ve […]

Guns In Movies: Beretta 92FS - TheArmsGuide.com

Photo Friday: Beretta M9

Love it or hate it, the Beretta M9 9mm pistol has served the United States military as its standard sidearm since 1985. The more videos I produce on the pistol, the more discussion it seems to generate on whether it was a good choice, or whether or not America’s military needs would be better served […]

TAG Team Welcomes Writer Jarrod Needs - TheArmsGuide.com

TAG Team Welcomes Writer Steve Durant

I’m happy to introduce The Arms Guide’s newest contributor, Steve Durant. I first discovered Steve in the way I’ve met many of my firearms enthusiast friends, that is, through YouTube. Steve creates videos about the shooting sports, firearms, and gun gear for his channel, MakingMasterClass. Like many of us firearms enthusiasts, Steve was first introduced […]

TAG Team Welcomes Writer Jarrod Needs - TheArmsGuide.com

TAG Team Welcomes Writer Aaargo Jay

I’m happy to welcome another TAG Team member to the fold, Aaargo Jay. I first discovered Jay through his YouTube videos and was pleased to learn he was a fellow Wisconsin native (he currently resides in Milwaukee). He gained his early-found love for the shooting sports from an uncle, a retired USMC sergeant, who instilled […]

Springfield XD-S 9 Revisited: Full Review - TheArmsGuide.com

Photo Friday: Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm

The Springfield XD-S 9mm pistol.   Not bad for a little polymer nine, no? The rugged texture on the XD-S 9mm makes for positive grip purchase, despite the sub compact size. At the range, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it manages recoil with such a short barrel and lightweight frame. I think, so […]

Destinee Gets TASED with the C2 TASER - TheArmsGuide.com

Destinee Gets TASED with the C2 TASER

Don’t try this at home.   If you were wondering how effective a C2 TASER unit was, I had the same question. I reviewed the model used in the video in full (more on that later), but when I first commenced my research in preparation for the review, I couldn’t find an account from anyone […]

Photo Friday: Where’s the Stove?

As a female firearms enthusiast, I often receive comments from male shooters poking fun at the fact that I’m a woman in a male-dominated sport. In the spirit of the jokes I receive (“Get back in the kitchen!” “You must be lost to be so far away from your kitchen,” “Your kitchen looks strange… where’s […]