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Tyrant Designs’ HALO Mini AR-15 Vertical Foregrip: Get your Gun Control in Style

Tyrant Designs, the creators of the skeletonized aluminum AR-15 grip, have come out with a new AR-15 vertical foregrip, the HALO MiniVert Grip. Light weight, with great aesthetics and high functionality, this new AR 15 fore grip is just the thing for your light weight AR build.

I love the grip angle ergonomics, Depending on your grip and shooting position, you can use it as a stubby grip or hand stop.  The aggressive side knurl on the lower portions of the HALO Mini Verticle Grip give just the grip you need for control.

It is very easy to install, Each HALO MiniVert Grip includes both M-Lok and/or Keymod fasteners with 2 Hex L-keys which reach right through the holes in the top of the grip.


It is short making your rifle more compact, less susceptible to snagging.


Length- 2.75″

Width- .800″

Weight- 2.5 oz

Photo courtesy of Greg Skaz Photography



  • Colors: Red Blue, Silver and Black
  • Durable (all aluminum, skeletonized AR vertical grip)
  • Use as Keymod foregrip and MLOK foregrip (direct interchangeable)
  • Comfortable (chamfered edges for a smooth feel)
  • Lip extension for additional grip styles
  • Chamfered holes to allow finger placement inside
  • Machined knurl for supreme grip
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Beadblasted and Type III Hardcoat
  • CNC engraved Logo
  • Install kit included


Tyrant Designs has a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of their products!

Get your very own  Halo Minivert Grip HERE  $ 55.95

About Tyrant Designs:

Tyrant Designs CNC has 30 years of machining experience in Defense, Aerospace, and Medical fields. After three decades of perfecting our methods, we decided to branch out to gun accessories. Our mission statement is simple; To design and manufacture only the highest of quality rifle accessories. Why? Because your rifle deserves a better quality accessory, and so do you.

Below are some more facts about the company:

  • 10,000 sq ft facility located near Chicago, IL
  • 5 CNC Machines (mill/lathe)
  • Team of employees dedicated to R&D for gun accessories
  • Dedicated Quality Control

Our shop has a diverse set of machines capable of doing almost anything imaginable.

Reasons to choose a Tyrant CNC aluminum grip:

  1. Lighter than most polymer grips
  2. Practically indestructible
  3. Precision CNC machined components result in a higher degree of quality and durability.
  4. Manufactured in the United States

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