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Holster Selection

During my 1,900 hours as a defensive shooting instructor one of the dominating questions I was asked was about holster selection.  In my experience this is the hardest one to answer.  I have good news and bad new for you:  The perfect holster match for your body shape, selected firearm, carry position, and attire exists.  […]

5 Gifts to Spoil Your Son

Choosing a gift for a teenage son can be a daunting task. New fads are in constant flux, and keeping up with the general fickleness of a teenager is almost impossible. More often than not, gifts are no longer a surprise. Kids give their parents a list of items that they want for Christmas and […]

Spoil Dad for Christmas: Gifts Under $100

Deciding on a gift for dad is never easy. Deciding on a gift for dad when you are on a budget is even more difficult. Together, we here at The Loadout Room have put together a list of 10 affordable, top-quality gifts that we believe any father would love. Some of the products have been reviewed by our […]

Angryman’s 2nd Lebanon War Loadout

Loadout on the 2nd Lebanon War. I was a reservist during the 2nd Lebanon War. As opposed to the majority of the reservists, my unit was drafted on the 3rd day of the war. We were part of a sniper unit that provides precision fire support to different SOF. We were attached during to war […]

What Is YOUR Loadout?

Hey Loadout Room readers, this month I’m going to be doing a feature in which I will show case the combat loads of actual Special Operations soldiers.  Why?  Because you’ve been asking us to do this for a while now.  I will detail what I carried in Afghanistan and Iraq and how my kit changed […]