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SOLKOA Suma Pro Navy SEAL Survival Kit

What a treat to be able to preview AND review a survival kit, such as the SOLKOA Suma Pro Survival Kit available at Precision Rifle Supply.  When it first arrived, my initial thought was….SWEET…nice and compact.  When we plan for any kind of adventure, be it on land or on the water, most new comers don’t […]

Military Robots: ACTUV Submarine Hunter

The Sea Hunter is an unmanned surface vehicle (referred to as: Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, or ACTUV) which was launched in April 2016. With the success of the UAV (drone) program it was an inevitability the United States Military would seek unmanned vehicles for other environments. Differing from UAVs, a ACTUV would be […]

A Minimalist Day-Hike Loadout

When it comes to a day hike, it’s just as important to be prepared as it is when backpacking or hunting. I often see people out for a day hike with only a disposable bottle of water shoved into a cargo pocket. When it comes to what I personally take on a hike, I like […]

Bowhunting: Day-Hunt Essentials

I prefer to have some vacation time set aside for bowhunting season. Unfortunately, sometimes I fail to harvest a deer during the “scheduled” time and have to keep trying on my days off. When I am not staying overnight, I refer to these hunts as day hunts. The goal is to get a full day of […]

Getting Ready – DeLorme 2-Way Satellite Communicator

Personal locator beacon, GPS and text messenger. To stay streamlined, light and mobile I’m always looking for devices that can serve multiple purposes without getting too complicated. The DeLorme 2-way sat communicator looks like it will fill a gap for me while out in the field, overseas or in a disaster situation where local methods […]