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Gallery: The M1 Abrams

I have always been fascinated with tanks. While I was in Kandahar, we had some Canadians Leopards 2 acting as Quick Reaction Force (QRF). They would also form a perimeter around the EOD teams when we found IEDs. I decided to create the first gallery with the M1 Abrams tank because I love it. It has […]

Instructor Zero on SOFREP Radio Podcast

Instructor Zero joins Jonathan Wade, Canadian Light Infantry Combat Veteran and our host this week. Since the last time Jonathan appeared on the show, he officially retired from military service and took over the role of Host and Editor at LoadoutRoom.com. Check out his gear reviews and other great stuff. You can listen to it on Youtube and Itunes. We answer […]

Iron Man Suit for future Special Operations?

This may be the future of our special operations troops.  The head of U.S. Special Operations command, Adm. William McRaven once said that he wants to build an Iron Man suit for special operators that will repel bullets and offer super human strengths.  As crazy or un-realistic as this sounds, it looks like it is already […]

Is an Invisible Cloak (Stealth Technology) in our Future for Our Troops?

My first knowledge of this “invisible cloak” technology came to me around 6 months ago.  I was somewhat skeptical of the technology because it seemed to be something out of a science fiction movie, and after all who would or could believe it? A company, based in Canada, Hyper Stealth, has developed something that they […]

DARPA’s Super Soldier?

For many other soldiers, such as myself, carrying 100+ pounds of gear for many miles over rough terrain, jumping out planes, etc., it can take a huge toll on your body after doing it for years, often leading to permanent damage.  The Army has recently sought out to develop an under-suit that will lighten the […]

MSPO 2013, Polish Defence Expo

It’s been a busy few days, but I’ve managed to make time to spend a few days at the Polish Defence Expo called MSPO. Although this fair is strictly Military and Law Enforcement oriented, there are also companies that provide products for the civilian market as well. Tanks, guns, drones and ordnance. Top that with […]

DARPA GPS Guided Sniper Bullets?

There has been a new paradigm shift for ballistics in the precision rifle shooting community!  DARPA, the secretive government development and research agency, awarded Cubic Corporation a $6 million contract to develop what they call a “laser emitting targeting computer”. The intent is to deploy this new technology within the Special Operations Sniper community, then after they have their […]

Ammo Shortage 2013…What To Do?

I’m sure all of us notice the ammo shortages when we visit our outdoor sports stores, Wal-Mart, etc., but just why is there such an ammo shortage and how can you stock up and purchase the ammo when you need it. Common calibers routinely sell out within minutes of appearing on store shelves and prices […]

Destinee's HollowPoints

Hollow Points Allowed by the Geneva Convention?

There is a misconceived notion that the Geneva Convention restricts means of warfare to exclude measures that cause “excess” bodily harm – such as hollow point bullets. These things are addressed in the Hague Conventions (held in 1899 and 1907). The Geneva Convention is the general name for the four treaties and three protocols that […]

A Badass Army Veteran Athlete and the Ironman World Championships

The Loadout Room was fortunate enough to score an interview with Jessica Jacobs, an Ironman competitor competing in the Ironman World Championships next week. The majority of us take fitness and our health seriously, so I’m always intrigued to learn about how world-class athletes think, train and prep for events.