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Mens Clothing & Accessories

Arc’Teryx Bravo Jacket: Quick Review

I was initially going to review the Bravo personally but a week after receiving the jacket I signed an exclusive with Massif so I wanted to make sure the jacket got a fair unbiased review. That said, I did wear it for a week and fucking loved it. I had a hard time letting it […]

Arc’Teryx Alpha Jacket: Quick Review

I’ve been wearing the Arc’Teryx Alpha jacket for months now and can give this piece of kit The Loadout Room seal of approval.  It’s a high-dollar item, but worth every penny if you need high performance gear.  The Alpha jacket is a wind/rain jacket, not a thermal jacket, and as such it wears well over […]

Triple Aught Design: An American Brand

I had a chance to get my hands on several pieces of Kit from Triple Aught Design (TAD) right before Christmas. For those who don’t know them, they’re a great brand, and like any good company, the people are what make them so good. About Triple Aught Design Engineers and machinists use 000 (triple aught) […]

What REAL Men Wear

Paul was a mans man and would definitely agree with The LOADOUT ROOM when it comes style and our view on mens fashion. So what’s ok and what’s not? See below… No. Yes.