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Gatorz Eyewear: Thin Blue Line Edition

Gatorz Eyewear is a huge part of the Military community. I use them, the people I train in NSW use them, and so do countless other warfighters.. but what about the Law Enforcement communities? I was given a few pairs of Thin Blue Line Magnum’s to give to the local police department to try out. […]

Cerakote Gatorz Magnum’s: Durability and Performance

Gatorz, man, Gatorz. When talking about Gatorz Eyewear, its kind of the best of both worlds. Durability and performance are all I ask for when I’m looking at shades, and Gatorz definitely packs that 1-2 combo. I hate not having a good pair of shades on and honestly, I never knew Gatorz would soon become […]

Cerakote Wraptor by Gatorz: Looking Cool Matters

Cerakote Wraptor by Gatorz: Looking Cool Matters

Within the Military and Law Enforcement world there are three kinds of people. There are those who have no choice in eye wear, those who wear Oakley sunglasses and those who wear Gatorz sunglasses. I’ve previously done an initial impressions review on the Gatorz Magnums. It’s no secret among my friends that I look stupid while […]

Drop Point

Oakley Armed Forces Drop Point | A tribute to all the branches

With Veterans Day upon us, it’s hard for me not to think of my Father. He was a dedicated career Army officer that spent 27 years leading soldiers. And most likely the reason I decided to join the Army as well. Although I wasn’t drafted like he was, my journey started at Ft. Benning as […]

Untangled Collection

Costa Pescador | Untangled Collection | Saving the ocean one pair at a time

Attending Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver this year, I noticed a recurring theme while meeting with manufacturers. Environmentally friendly manufacturing, Sustainability, Recycling, Upcycling, etc. There is a huge push in the outdoor sporting goods sector to save this planet we’ve been slowly destroying. One of these companies is Costa. Known for their exceptional eyewear, Costa Sunglasses […]

Costa Sunglasses introduces the Rincon | Oversized style for larger heads

Costa Sunglasses, popular with the professional waterman, recently introduced an oversized frame for larger heads. Named after a California point break, the Rincon exudes that West Coast surfer style. With an oversized squared off frame and gently turned down temples, the Rincon feels right at home on either a male or female face. Although I […]

Magpul Terrain | Eye Protection Perfected

Magpul Terrain | Eye Protection Perfected

Magpul, the king of polymer gun parts, is involved in just about everything gun related. They make magazines, rifle sights, chassis systems, stocks, rifle furniture, and of course are massive supporters of the Second Amendment. They’ve launched a clothing line as well and combined their clothing line with their firearms line in the form of their […]

Gatorz Eyewear Blackout ANSI Z87+ rated Magnums

Gatorz Eyewear Blackout ANSI Z87+ rated Magnums, Marine Corps Approved

I was in desperate need of another pair of “dark eye pro” i.e. sunglasses when a friend of mine recommended the Gatorz Magnums. I’ve worn Oakley Ballistic M Frames for years which are great sunglasses and allow me to switch to clear lenses for certain night work. I unwrapped the Gatorz and immediately discovered a […]

Gatorz Clear Eyewear | Clear Lens During Night Operations

Operations in low visibility environments can be sketchy at best especially in maritime situations. You rely solely on your navigation equipment, NVG’s (if you have them), boat crew members and your knowledge of driving a RHIB. So how do Clear Lens Gatorz Wraptor’s come into play? Let’s say your battery’s in your NVG’s go out […]

Gatorz Eyewear: Eye protection for skydiving

Gatorz Eyewear | Eye protection for skydiving

The team of guys here at the Loadout Room have all put the Gatorz Eyewear to the test with everything from skydiving, to downhill skiing to shooting and running. Here is what one of our Active Duty Special Operations writers has to say about Gatorz: “The frame can be custom fit by slowly bending the […]