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Sling Weaponry was the Personal Artillery of Ancient Warfare

In today’s warfare, no one would really bring a slingshot during the war, at least not that we are aware of. During ancient times, this weapon was widely used by many ancient armies. Its invention revolutionized how the military from all over the globe fought. Even when it is now crude in today’s standard, it […]

Lee-Enfield Rifle: Trusted by the Canadian Rangers Since 1940s

There have been tons and tons of guns that have been created and developed throughout history, and their improvements, along with our technological advances, are truly impressive. In terms of choosing which one to use, many factors could be considered, such as purpose, price, weight, reliability, and accuracy, among others. While it’s easy to assume […]

Little Willie: The Father of All Tanks

Could you imagine a military without tanks? Probably not. Virtually all militaries around the world have their own tank units of some sort. Regardless of whether it was the T-14 Armata, Challenger 2, M1 Abrams, and even those strange ones like the Antonov A-40 Krylya and praying mantis, these tanks could be traced back to […]

From Fighter Planes to Micro Cars, Messerschmitt in the Post War Era

“Improvise, adapt, overcome” was the unofficial slogan of the US Army Marines, but this could virtually be applied in any sort of situation. So when Germany’s Messerschmitt, the leading aircraft manufacturer during World War II, was banned from producing planes for ten years, they overcame the business circumstances by creating a new product. That’s how […]

M50 Ontos: Hated by The Army, Loved by the Marines

When the United States needed an air-transportable tank destroyer in the early 1950s, something that they had been searching for during World War II, a joint effort of the US Army and US Marines brought them to what was called the M50 Ontos. The small, compact, yet powerful enough vehicle was light enough to be […]

Strange Tanks That Never Made It Past The Prototype Stage

The journey and evolution of tanks went a long way since the first one was created in 1916, known as Little Willie. Since then, designers and engineers have never stopped trying to make these trusty tanks tougher, bigger, faster, and basically more superior than the previous ones. In the conquest of trying to create the […]

Infantry Weapons That Stood the Test of Time

Quality is an investment in the future, and that very well applies to the weapons that the troops used throughout history. The development of weapons dramatically changed the course of warfare in the 20th century due to the combined lessons of the past and the technological advancements that continue to develop. Even when produced long […]

Three of the Most Feared Weapons of the Ancient Times

Tanks and rifles sure are scary and lethal, and so is mustard or chlorine gas. When it comes to creating weapons to annihilate adversaries, we sure can count on how the ancient people effectively forged some of the most formidable and fearsome weapons they had used. Some of them even became the foundation of how […]

The Not-So-Sweet Origin Of “How Do You Like Them Apples?”

Who can forget Matt Damon’s famous line in the movie Good Will Hunting as he was pounding on the pub window, taunting that rich grad student who failed to get the girl’s number? “Do you like apples?” followed with him showing the guy the girl’s phone number and saying, “How do you like them apples?” […]

100 Seconds To Midnight: A Glance At The World’s Nuclear Weapons

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought back the Cold War specter of the use of nuclear weapons in a world-ending conflagration. The fear of this is grounded in the belief that Putin is both insane and suicidal and wants victory in Ukraine or to end the world entirely.  We find that line of reasoning […]