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Survival Gear

Sherpa 50

Cologne, focus and portable power If you’re deep in the game, on the road, working from multiple locations or always on the move, then you understand the need for portable power. Though I’m not a “writer” I am a person who writes 5 hours a day. Being that I’m designed to be outdoors, or anywhere […]

Goal Zero – Switch 8 Power Pack

The Goal Zero Switch 8 Recharger is a compact power supply, best suited for smaller USB powered devices, that can be replenished by laptop or by way of the sun. The Switch 8 can bring life back to a flatlined smartphone within an hour and be ready to do it again in another 4. So […]

Staying Found

During my last trip into the Sequoias I became enamored with the park’s ability to strip my consciousness of any and all thought, worry or concern.  I found myself daydreaming about the towering granite walls and Sequoia tress so large that their gravity would seem to pull the toxins from my soul. Yes a bit majestic and grandiose; […]

S and S Precision V-Lite

When I was preparing for my first national airsoft event, I needed to find a “Dead Light”. This is a colored LED Light or glowstick that denotes when you have been hit at night. During the day, you can use a “Dead Rag”, but you can’t see them at night. The glowstick idea was ok, […]

LBT-2595D MULTICAM Three Day Light Backpack

It is no secret that LBT is a sponsor of ours but in all honesty you’ve probably noticed that we only partner with solid companies that we believe in (e.g. you will not find some ACME me too tactical brand on here). Main Features * Heavy duty carry handle * Covered ports for hydration system […]


1500 Lumens on Two Batteries? SUREFIRE is headed there

Here’s a great explanation of the evolution of batteries by Ron at Surefire…..1500 Lumens on two batteries? Not so far fetched if you ask us and talk about a blinder..shit! Let me know what you guys think. Brandon %EMBED9%