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Germany’s Rheinmetall Ready to Supply Ukraine With up to 50 Leopard 1 Tanks

Ukraine can get their hands on some German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks as Rheinmetall’s chief executive Armin Papperger expressed that the company was ready to provide 50 Leopard 1 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. If approved by the German Government, it could take just 6 weeks before it would be delivered. According to […]

China Delivers Anti-aircraft Missiles to Serbia

China has delivered three anti-aircraft missile systems in a covert delivery to Serbia over the weekend in what is believed to be the biggest overseas airlift using the Chinese Y-20 transport planes. This is reportedly part of Serbia’s efforts of bolstering its military capabilities through a purchase deal that also includes drones. Serbia, a Russian […]

Oligarch Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian Peace Negotiators May Have Been Poisoned

Following being shuttled between Moscow, Belarus, and other negotiating venues, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, Ukrainian lawmaker Rustem Umerov and another peace negotiator developed symptoms of being poisoned after a meeting in Kyiv on March 3. According to the Wall Street Journal, which was one of the first news outlets to break the story, Abramovich, Umerov, […]

Russia’s Prototype T-80UM2 Tank Has Been Destroyed In Ukraine

In the latest addition of Russian experimental weapons making their respective debuts in Ukraine, the Oryx blog, which specializes in tracking destroyed military vehicles, aircraft, and other equipment, has identified a unique new Russian casualty on Ukrainian soil, the T-80UM2 main battle tank. Their research team had identified that an experimental T-80UM2 main battle tank […]

Russia Threatens To Attack Patriot Air Defense Systems Being Sent To Slovakia

Following Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit to Slovakia last March 17, the Patriot air defense systems from Germany and the Netherlands have started to arrive in Slovakia to bolster the alliance’s eastern flank amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Deployment of these systems will continue throughout the coming days. Germany 🇩🇪 and the Netherlands 🇳🇱 […]

US Sending Patriot Missile Defense Systems To Poland As VP Harris Meets With Duda

Two Patriot missile defense systems from the US military are being sent to Poland as Western European states are preparing their defenses if Russia decides to move further west in the case that it successfully takes Ukraine. The deployment is said to be defensive to protect the US’ NATO allies as Russia has reportedly fired […]

Ukraine’s St. Javelin vs Russia’s Improvised Armor On Its Tanks

The venerable Javelin anti-tank guided missile system (FGM-148 Javelin), the man-portable, anti-armor, guided munition system created by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, is reportedly one of the weapons that have been a game-changer for Ukrainian forces. The Ukraine Armed Forces reportedly destroyed 251 Russian tanks and armored vehicles in just a few days of fighting, possibly […]

Russia Once Used Schoolchildren To Bug The US Embassy In Moscow

It was August 4, 1945. World War II had just been won on the European fronts in what was one of the proudest moments the United States would share with the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. This friendship between the Kremlin and the United States is one that is rarely seen today, but yes—it […]