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Max Pranger

SOLKOA Suma Pro Navy SEAL Survival Kit

What a treat to be able to preview AND review a survival kit, such as the SOLKOA Suma Pro Survival Kit¬†available at Precision Rifle Supply.¬† When it first arrived, my initial thought was….SWEET…nice and compact.¬† When we plan for any kind of adventure, be it on land or on the water, most new comers don’t […]

Guide To Purchasing an AR-15 Rifle and Accessories

ALRIGHT!¬† All of you existing and future AR-15 rifle enthusiast out there!¬† Here is some awesome info for the purchasing process of the first¬†AR-15 rifle¬†that you’re looking to throw down some greenbacks on.¬† There is a lot of accessory info for those of you that already have said rifle and want to upgrade, tweak or […]

Aimpoint or EOtech for the AR15

Purchasing an Aimpoint or EOTech¬†red dot sight for the AR15¬†can present some very daunting challenges.¬† Many of these choices will depend on¬†how you will be using¬†it and what type of situation’s will be presented to you.¬† Some may only use the rifle for basic range shooting and sport shooting.¬† Others may use their rifle for […]