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Loadout Room writer, Rex Nanorum, Goes Hunting

Below are some photos of Rex Nanorum’s recent successful hunting trip. He was able to, with precision, take down his prey from 200 yards with a 6.5″ barreled AR chambered in 300 Blk. The ammunition was 120-grain copper round. Rex seems to be a natural born predator and has the skills to back it up. […]

Rex Nanorum’s 2018 SHOT show review

2017’s SHOT show was my first time at the famed and prestigious event.¬† It was overwhelming, exhausting and awesome all at the same time.¬† On my return trip, I felt I could easily knock out the dozens of appointments and contact meet-ups I had planned in a little over two days.¬† While the show itself […]

Rex Nanorums Hiking and Hunting Loadouts

Winter has ceased its final death throes and Spring is moving in quickly. ¬†As such, the outdoor seasons are upon us! ¬†Its time to dust off your camping gear, repack your ruck and get ready to hit the trail. ¬†Below I’ll discuss my hiking and hunting loadouts. Boots: One of the most crucial elements to […]

Jerry Miculek versus Bump stock | Man or machine?

While many online have spend considerable time debating the merits and demerits of bump stocks, one of the quickest ways to¬†reductio ad absurdum (reduce to absurdity) the anti-bump stock argument is to point out that a talented shooter with a properly tuned rifle can exceed both the rate-of-fire and lethality generated by a bump stock […]

The SB Tactical SBA3 Brace

Pistol braces (or stabilizing braces) are still a relatively new product, debuting in 2013. Consider it a testament to their utility and popularity. In just five short years, they have gone from dwelling in an extreme niche to being featured on firearms from nearly every major manufacturer.¬† For today’s review, we go back to the […]

.50 BMG versus Steel plate INSIDE ballistic gel

Rifles, optics, plate carriers and more: we at Loadout Room test and review a wide variety of gear.¬† Sometimes though, we like to sit back and watch shit blow up.¬† While I’m excitedly working on this week’s reviews, I currently have exactly zero .50 BMG chambered rifles, armor-piercing-incendiary-tracer (APIT) rounds, or even a nice little […]

XS Sights Big tritium dots

XS Sights¬†has been producing some excellent ‚Äúirons‚ÄĚ for a few years now, a set of which I was lucky enough to¬†review a while back.¬† Recently, I had my Glock 17 slide cut for a mini red-dot sight¬†which meant my old sight set was no longer tall enough to see through the optic.¬† Needing suppressor height […]