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Dissecting 100 Deadly Skills | Improvised Sap

We’ve all been there, stuck in situations where we simply can’t carry a weapon. Government office, school, airport, or simply a rigidly enforced no weapons policy. Even worse, let’s say you flew to an exotic location and the entire country is basically a gun free zone for you. What happens when you need a weapon? […]

Survive a Bear Attack | 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition

In the new 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition book, Clint Emerson covers surviving a bear attack as one of the skills. Encountering a bear may seem like a distant possibility to most, even active outdoorsmen. We rarely hear about bear attacks and even more rare is hearing from those that survive bear attacks. Here is an […]

100 Deadly Skills poster: Reclaim your space

If you know anything about Hurricane, it’s that we are fans of Clint Emerson and his 100 Deadly Skills book. Clint Emerson is a retired Navy SEAL who founded the Violent Nomad concept and wrote a book detailing 100 Deadly Skills every Violent Nomad should have. One thing that’s always stuck is the interesting art Clint […]

100 Deadly Skills of the Violent Nomad

Many of us live some fairly ordinary lives. Others live in an arena where hyper-vigilance is an absolute and necessary part of daily life. No matter whether you fit left, right, or in the middle between these two spectrums, knowing skills to get you out a sticky situation can be invaluable. You may live a […]

Crate Club’s Deadly Deck: Kill, Survive, Evade

Clint Emerson and his Book 100 Deadly Skills is a must-read for anyone who has an even passing interest in fieldcraft should read. It provides 100 Deadly Skills in an easy to digest format that provides vivids illustrations combined with easy to read and remember instructions. Crate Club has partnered with Clint before, but in my opinion, the Deadly […]