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Gear Snapshot & Comments From Combat Tactics Magazine


I’m always searching the gun porn mags, Recoil is one of the only quality pubs on the market IMO. Most these magazines are obnoxious but provide good lessons at what not to do.

Here’s my comments on the GEARHEAD segment of Combat Tactics Magazine (Have the Editors seen much combat? Not likely)

Enjoy and feel free to share you thoughts on any of the items.





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About the Author


About Brandon Webb

Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb served over thirteen years active duty service.  After completing Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training with class 215, his career involved combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After his last deployment with SEAL TEAM THREE, he worked at the Naval Special Warfare Group One (NSWG1) Sniper Cell, then finished up his last assignment as the Naval Special Warfare Command Sniper Course Manager.