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FITS Tactical Crew Socks

FITS Tactical Crew Socks

Most people out there living an active lifestyle whether that is shooting, hiking, running, or backpacking will not argue the fact about wearing wool socks. I’ve been through a few different brands of wool socks over the years and have my opinions.

I have two primary pet peeves when it comes to socks in general.

  1. Holes in the heels. Before I got into the wool sock game I used your run of the mill athletic socks from the big name department stores. Over time they would usually end up wearing through the heel causing a hole. Every time that happened I would throw that pair away and have to go buy more.
  2. The second is possible more annoying than the first. When I walk through the door at home and kick my shoes off and your sock slides half way off your foot. Damn that’s frustrating!

Enter the FITS Tactical Crew socks.

I’ve been wearing these socks for a few months now almost every day. I have yet to wear a hole into the heel and they do not slide at all when kicking your shoes off. Worth mentioning is that my feet don’t get overly hot wearing the FITS wool socks for long periods of time. They fit pretty snug at first, but as you wear them, they become more comfortable (like breaking in a new pair of shoes). Oh and let’s not forget that they are made in the good ole USA.

Specs from fitssock.com

  • Fully cushioned foot and leg.
  • Merino wool next to skin which feels great, is naturally anti-microbial and flame resistant.
  • Nylon reinforcement on the outside of the sock for increased durability.
  • Heel Lock® provides heel security that limits the chances of a blister when combined with a properly fit boot.
  • Dynamic Toe Cup® limits the amount of material into box to prevent bunching in a critical area of the foot.
  • Knitting construction naturally moves the seam back from the sensitive toe area.
  • Crew height rises just below the calf.

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