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GSI Outdoors Mini Expresso | Coffee on the Trail

GSI Mini Expresso: Coffee on the Trail

For me, there’s not many things that are better than starting my¬†day off with a hot cup of coffee —¬†it‚Äôs¬†one of my morning rituals. Get up, shower, shave, and then have a cup of dark coffee or espresso with¬†breakfast. It’s not¬†so much to wake my ass up, than to enjoy the rich taste of a quality roast. Coffee is one of the things I wish I could have had on several winter hikes or field exercises in the past–a hot beverage that warms you up when you and everything feels frozen solid. Sadly, most coffee makers are¬†either too pricy, heavy, or take up too much space for my liking.

GSI Mini Expresso: Coffee on the Trail

I was fortunate enough to be given the GSI Outdoors Mini Expresso (for those coffee connoisseurs and fans of espresso, no, that’s not a mistake in the spelling) by my girlfriend this Christmas.¬†Like everything from GSI Outdoors, it is well built with solid¬†materials. It is made of stainless steel and with very little plastic, all manufactured in Italy.¬†This¬†is not some Chinese piece of junk that will fail after a couple of uses. Of course, my main concern as expressed earlier, is size. This one fits in my hand, and at 7.7 ounces, I¬†barely notice it in my¬†pack.
GSI Mini Expresso: Coffee on the Trail
I am a big fan of the more robust coffees¬†offered by percolators, and I am pleased to see that the GSI Outdoors is exactly that‚ÄĒa miniature percolator. This coffee/espresso maker will give you 2.5 ounces of deliciousness.¬†Since Mini Expresso¬†is quite compact, the “straw” (for lack of a better term) from which the coffee pours is quite close to¬†the cup stand, you will need a small metal cup to collect your precious brew.

GSI Mini Expresso: Coffee on the Trail
As a warning, duly follow GSI Outdoors‘ instructions for boiling¬†the water over low heat.¬†I got a little excited when I first got to use it and touched off¬†my Primus burner in full force. Let’s just say the plastic meant to¬†be used as a handle now bears my fingerprints. I used it again with more moderate heat from my burner with zero¬†problems. About¬†five minutes on low heat yields¬†a tasty¬†cup of black human fuel!

GSI Mini Expresso: Coffee on the Trail
At a retail price of $40, this outdoor coffee maker is really affordable. Should you desire a larger coffee maker, GSI Outdoors offers a four-cup model for about ten bucks more. I highly recommend Mini Expresso for those who desire a quality brew on the trail or deployment, but only want to pack a light and affordable product.

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