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Instructor Zero on SOFREP Radio Podcast

Instructor Zero joins Jonathan Wade, Canadian Light Infantry Combat Veteran and our host this week. Since the last time Jonathan appeared on the show, he officially retired from military service and took over the role of Host and Editor at LoadoutRoom.com. Check out his gear reviews and other great stuff.

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We answer your e-mails sent to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com, talk about ramping down the US military presence in Afghanistan, what’s going on in Iraq with ISIS, the situation in Israel, as well as a number of fake or exaggerated military stories that have been surfacing.

Our guest is Instructor Zero, a guy that many of you in the world of firearms are familiar with.  Instructor Zero was a 5th Assault Battalion Instructor for the Italian Military. If you haven’t checked out his videos, what this man can do behind a gun is truly remarkable.  He talks about his philosophies on shooting and instruction in the field.

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