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APEX Tactical Announces Custom Barrels

(Feature Image Courtesy:Apextactical.com)

Apex Tactical recently announced that they are releasing a line of custom threaded barrels to support the Smith & Wesson Military & Police series pistols. The company long known for their drop in pistol trigger kits for many different brands of pistols has recently decided to release what they are referring to as the “Apex GradeThreaded Barrels” in a variety of lengths and grades.

Apex Tactical has in the past made barrels for the Smith & Wesson M&P, so it was no shock when they decided to up their game and release a threaded version to support the growing market of shooters now using silencers. The story out of Apex Tactical is that there will be four new barrels released, two will be semi drop in configuration and two will have to be fitted by a qualified gunsmith. In fact Apex already has the four barrels for sale on their web page and come in both 4.25″ and 5″ lengths and features 1/2″ x 28 thread pattern. Engineers at Apex have designed these barrels with a 1:10″ twist and claim 1 1/2″ groups at 50 yards when properly fitted.

I have tried the Apex Tactical trigger set up in my 4.25″ Smith & Wesson M&P and I love it, so if their barrels are made with the same quality and attention to detail as their trigger kits consumers will be happy. Company officials have stated that the new barrels are designed to work with bullets ranging in weight from 115 grain all the way to 147 grain. This should be considered standard when designing any new product for a 9mm round, but that is just one writers opinion. As of the time of this article the barrels, whose part numbers are listed below have a MSRP of $259.95. That’s a lot of money to spend on upgrading a $450 pistol in my mind.

We have included the press release video from Apex Tactical so they can explain the new product in much better detail than I ever could. Check the Apex Tactical web site for stocking and pricing information.

Barrel Parts Numbers and Specifications:

– For 9mm M&P Pistols Only
– 5.00” or 4.25” Length standard barrel/slide length
– Stainless Steel
– 1:10” Twist Rate
– 1/2–28 Thread Pattern
– Apex Part #: 105-058 5.00” Gunsmith Fit
– Apex Part #: 105-059 4.25” Gunsmith Fit
– Apex Part #: 105-060 5.00” Semi Drop-In
– Apex Part #: 105-061 4.25” Semi Drop-In


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