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Gear Reviews

Bob Kilpatrick’s Huey Slick Loadout

The Things I Carried By Bob Kilpatrick Tongue in cheek “Things I Carried” that I wrote for some guys on the old C$erve Military Forum years ago. Bantering with a bunch of grunts, I had sworn we had the helicopter filled with little rearview pine trees to take care of the grunt smell, and nobody […]

Roger Anderson’s LRRP Loadout

  While I was a LRRP going on local ambushes I carried:  20 mag’s of 7.62 duplex in 3 collapsible canteen pouch’s and bandoliers 1 white phosphorous grenade 6 or more fragmentation grenades.  1-2 claymore mines  (varied) 1 old style Canteen of water Compass Panel marker in my hat pill kit Watch LONG MISSIONS All of above […]

Bob Sampson’s LRRP/Ranger Loadout

Basic Loadout for a routine Recon mission: Alice pack M-16 with 16-18 mags, 18 rounds in each Stevens 12 Gage 100 rounds of 00 buck in a claymore bag, and 5 rounds in the gun. Note: I had my choice of weapon to carry, 95% of the time I went with the shotgun. Colt 1911 […]

Rob Vance’s Operation: Just Cause Loadout

I was the grenadier in 1st Sqd, 3rd Plt, D Co. 4th Bn, 6th IR (M) 5th ID during Operation Just Cause. My unit participated in the assault of La Comandancia, security at the Papal Nunciature and various security and blocking operations afterward. If you add a m17 promask, M203 vest, M69 frag vest, 6 […]

What Is YOUR Loadout?

Hey Loadout Room readers, this month I’m going to be doing a feature in which I will show case the combat loads of actual Special Operations soldiers.  Why?  Because you’ve been asking us to do this for a while now.  I will detail what I carried in Afghanistan and Iraq and how my kit changed […]


1500 Lumens on Two Batteries? SUREFIRE is headed there

Here’s a great explanation of the evolution of batteries by Ron at Surefire…..1500 Lumens on two batteries? Not so far fetched if you ask us and talk about a blinder..shit! Let me know what you guys think. Brandon %EMBED9%

Winkler Tomahawks

Winkler Knives

Gear loadout is nearly at the top of the list when it comes to mission planning. You check the board and see when you muster, what you are assigned to and what gear you are required to bring. Even before that a lot of thought is given to what type of personal gear to include […]