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Three of the Most Feared Weapons of the Ancient Times

Tanks and rifles sure are scary and lethal, and so is mustard or chlorine gas. When it comes to creating weapons to annihilate adversaries, we sure can count on how the ancient people effectively forged some of the most formidable and fearsome weapons they had used. Some of them even became the foundation of how […]

Kali: Filipino Martial Art That Influenced US and Russian Combat Techniques

The Philippines is known for its beautiful white beaches, warm, friendly smiles, and scrumptious dishes. With its 7,100 islands, yummy halo-halo during the summer, and hospitable community, not everyone knows that they are also experts in knife-wielding martial arts that roots back before the Spanish Era in the 15th century. Kali, eskrima, arnis; whatever you […]

Viking Weapons Were a Deadly Mix for the Dark Ages

Vikings. The name conjures up many images more steeped in myth than in truth. Nevertheless, our fascination with the Vikings or “Northmen” continues to grow. One reason is their storied fighting prowess. This is due partly to Viking weapons. These were perfect for the kind of raids they conducted which put fear into the hearts […]