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SunJack Lightstick Mini | A Dual Purpose Electronic Gadget

SunJack Lightstick Mini | A Dual Purpose Gadget

I received the Sunjack Lightstick mini just in time for Shot Show 2017. I knew I’d be traveling across the country and I knew Shot Show would have me walking an absolute ton. During both those events, it was critical for my phone to remain charged and I always like having a light on hand.

Sunjack Lightstick mini to the rescue

The Sunjack Lightstick mini pulls double duty as a lamp and a battery charger. This 2600MAH battery kept my phone charged all day long at Shot. We’d leave for Shot Show at 0700 and be working by 0730 in the media room. Running my phone as a Wifi hotspot to submit work was rough on it, and the Shot Show wifi was simply too stressed to use. Keeping my phone charged was a big priority.

SunJack Lightstick Mini | A Dual Purpose Gadget

By the time the Show started at 0830 I’d be down to 70 percent, and by noon I was looking at a dead battery. So from 1130 to 1630, I kept my phone(s) charged with the Sunjack Lightstick. Right after Shot I returned back to the world and day job and was pretty much immediately sent to training classes that lasted the day. The same situation arose I needed to keep my phone charged and the SunJack Lightstick mini was there to help.

SunJack Lightstick Mini | A Dual Purpose Gadget

So as a battery it works pretty damn well. Charging it is also very simple and it blinks to let you know how charged it is by the sequence of blinking blue lights.

SunJack Lightstick Mini | A Dual Purpose Gadget

As a Light

As a lantern, it’s also pretty cool. It has a total of five settings and two different colored lights. The first two settings are white light, one normal, and one incredibly bright. The next setting is a red light, and then two strobing red lights. The first strobe is rapid and the second strobe is slower.

SunJack Lightstick Mini | A Dual Purpose Gadget

You cycle through the settings via the on and off button. Each press changes the light style. To turn the light off without changing the sequence simply hold the button for a few seconds and it will completely shut off.

SunJack Lightstick Mini | A Dual Purpose Gadget

The bright white light is quite bright, impressively so. The red strobes are a perfect emergency signal and on in a bad situation, like a nighttime car crash, it could be life-saving. At Shot the various writers for Hurricane Group shared a house, so a lamp was handy to avoid turning the lights on at night and pissing off my fellow writers.


I’d imagine as a camping gadget this thing would be quite handy. Phone dying? No problem. Need a tent light? No problem. Its shape and weight makes it quite portable and easy to carry in a  day bag, a pocket, or anywhere else.
As a bug out bag item, I am all about it. I keep a bag in my car for emergencies and one of these bad boys is perfect for that. The SunJack Lightstick mini is a cool little gadget, and I think at its price it is an excellent companion.

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