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Armscor 9mm Ammunition

Armscor 9mm Ammunition | Review

Now that the Great Ammo Recession of 2008-2016 is over for most parts of the country, many shooters are hoping for a return to the days of cheap and abundant ammunition. ¬†Having had an opportunity in recent weeks to test out different 9mm loads, I was excited at the prospect of being sent an inexpensive practice round to put through the paces. ¬†How would this round from Philippine manufacturer Armscor hold up against something like the Liberty Civil Defense¬†¬†round I reviewed not too long ago? ¬†Given that the Liberty round retails at over twice the price of Armscor’s and is marketed as a premium defense round, this isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison. ¬†Life doesn’t always give you two apples though, so let’s see where the Armscor hit.

A full metal jacketed round, this 124 grain bullet is advertised to run around 1090 feet per second (fps) and have 348 foot pounds (ft/lbs) of energy at the muzzle. Running through my Caldwell chronograph, this bullet had groups with average muzzle velocities of 1112, 1113 and 1120 fps. ¬†The standard deviation was between 7 to 18 fps in the various groups: extreme spread was between 17 and 44 fps for the different strings of fire. ¬†For an inexpensive practice round, this was considerably more consistent than any other 9mm ammo types I’ve shot lately.

Armscor 9mm Ammunition | Review
Range day. Photo by Rex Nanorum

Caught in a bit of a winter storm, my cardboard “e-type” targets were blowing around too much to work tight groups. ¬†Not that it would have mattered much, the freezing rain was ruining my paper targets as fast as I could put them up so I changed gears. ¬†As I was also at the range testing the Safariland 537 holster and Talon Grips, I opted to start with¬†drills from concealment. ¬†This round proved to be very soft shooting! ¬†When I slowed down a bit and went for informal groups, getting rounds to touch wasn’t tough at all. ¬†When I switched over to suppressed shooting at various targets littering the rock pit, I was granted two wonderful gifts. ¬†First, there was absolutely¬†no unburnt powder tossed back into my face; this was a first for me. ¬†I’m used to mandatory eye protection or a series of stinging reminders to bring it next time when shooting suppressed pistols. ¬†Second, I was treated to easy shooting at distance. ¬†Hitting a fist-sized rock at 75 yards (I¬†still have blocky, stock sights on) wasn’t much trouble. ¬†One of the best range days I’ve had in quite some time.

Armscor 9mm Ammunition | Review
Draw and fire from holster drills. Photo by Rex Nanorum’s camera timer.

So, keeping in mind that the Armscor 124 gr. 9mm round runs $11.63 for a box of 50, this ammo is worthy of buying at a higher price than $.23/round for sure. ¬†I’ll try to get my hands on some of their hollow point rounds in 9mm and 45acp to see how those perform.


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