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Minuteman Munitions Precision Ammunition

Minuteman Munitions Precision Ammunition - 9mm

Finding reliable ammunition for your gun can be a daunting task. Choosing from the many different brands, technologies, and bullet weights can cause the novice shooter to lose his mind. It can also become quite expensive trying different ammunition until you find the one that works with your weapon platform. Recently, I stumbled onto the company Minuteman Munitions. They are a U.S.-based company out of North Carolina. Every bit of material is sourced from within the USA, and all testing and production is done out of their facility in North Carolina. That’s a win/win as far as I’m concerned.

The shell casings are once-fired Speer, Winchester, and Federal brass collected from law enforcement training facilities. Each case is then cleaned and inspected for use. Each 9mm round is produced with high quality, smoke-free powder, a CCI primer, and an X-treme TMJ projectile or Hornady XTP hollow-point bullet. These components ensure the ammunition will cycle reliably and cleanly, keeping your gun running and saving you time cleaning.

Minuteman Munitions Precision Ammunition - 9mm

9mm 115gr range ammo specs:

  • Remanufactured from once-fired brass
  • Quantity: 100 rounds per box
  • Bullet: 115 grain total metal jacket (TMJ)
  • Velocity: 1100ft/s
  • Casing: Boxer-primed brass
  • Manufacturer: Minuteman Munitions – High Point, NC

9mm 124gr +P Hornady XTP hollow-point specs:

  • New Starline brass
  • Quantity: 100 rounds per box
  • Bullet: 124 grain Hornady XTP Hollow Point
  • Velocity: 1150ft/s
  • Casing: Boxer-primed brass
  • Manufacturer: Minuteman Munitions – High Point, NC

The packaging that the ammo comes in is heavy-duty cardboard that can be easily reused for other range ammo. The ammo itself is not contained in plastic trays, but still remains nice and shiny and runs in my Glock 17 with absolutely no issues.

Minuteman Munitions Precision Ammunition - 9mm
The author’s Glock 17 loaded with Minuteman Munitions

Now that you have all the facts regarding Minuteman Munitions ammunition, it’s time to give them a try. I highly suggest that you try a 100-round box of their ammo. It’s 100-percent American made and it’s 100-percent reliable.

Check out Minuteman Munitions for all your ammunition needs

Featured image courtesy of Minuteman Munitions

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