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Arc’Teryx Bravo Jacket: Quick Review

I was initially going to review the Bravo personally but a week after receiving the jacket I signed an exclusive with Massif so I wanted to make sure the jacket got a fair unbiased review. That said, I did wear it for a week and fucking loved it. I had a hard time letting it go!

I ended up letting my friend Alex review the jacket. He’s a sponsored rider for Specialized and one of the IT industries top online Security Executives (think Google, FB, eBay, level, etc..)

From Alex:

Here’s what I love about the jacket: 1. Multi-panel athletic cut, easy to move in and use as a middle layer when it’s really cold. 2. It’s warm! 3. Super comfortable, especially when working out or traveling. 4. Stays strangely clean, and when washed dries almost instantly. Internal chest-pockets on both sides.  Disklikes: 1. Main front pockets are too high on torso and enormous!. 2. No internal audio cable routing. 3. Even cut hem tends to ride-up in back.

Here’s a review by our friends at Soldier Systems Daily.

Arc’Teryx LEAF site.

(Featured image courtesy of planktons.exblog.jp)


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Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb served over thirteen years active duty service.  After completing Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training with class 215, his career involved combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After his last deployment with SEAL TEAM THREE, he worked at the Naval Special Warfare Group One (NSWG1) Sniper Cell, then finished up his last assignment as the Naval Special Warfare Command Sniper Course Manager.