Massif ARC Pant: Casual Flame Resistance


The Massif ACR Pant gives individuals working in private security, federal agents, or SOF a casual pant with fire resistance for the worst-case scenarios.

Zero Trace 1014: Unbelievably Bright


Find out why the durable and affordable Zero Trace 1014 flashlight can save you from a potential disaster or threat with its eye blinding brightness.

How to Draw Fast From IWB: INCOG Holster


The INCOG has made a very positive difference in how I carry. If you are looking for an upgrade or just want to try something new, check out the INCOG holster.

Best Dog Bowls for Camping


Dogs need food and water on adventures too, but lugging around a bowl for food and water is cumbersome. No problem with the compact Bivy Bowls from Ruffwear.

REI Trail 40 Backpack: First Impressions


With the assortment of daypacks on the market, choosing the right one to fit your needs can be daunting. The REI Trail 40 shines and at a reasonable price.

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