Building the Ultimate Tactical Athlete (Part III): Anaerobic


Anaerobic training is the final piece to the puzzle. Built off a base of aerobic and strength training, anaerobic conditioning can take you to new heights.

The Fastest Gun: FNH SLP Shotgun


If you are pushing to step up your 3 gun game or wanting to protect your family with one of the fastest shotguns in the world, the FNH SLP is the one.

Arms of the Soviet Union: DP-28 Light Machine Gun


Take a close-up look and learn some history of the Dp-28 Light Machine Gun. This pan-fed machine gun was instrumental in the Soviet’s defeat of the Nazis.

Tactical Combatives (Pt. 1)


Tactical combatives have evolved through the ages. One truth remains – close within and destroy your enemy with all mean necessary. Learn and conquer.

Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave


Uli Emanuele’s latest wingsuit flight through a 2 meter cave just blew some minds. With crazy skills this base jump puts a new meaning to the word insane.

SealLine’s New Era of Dry Bags


SealLine’s Zip Duffel dry bags have better gear access than ever. Whether out on the river or lake, this may be the piece of kit you’ve always been missing.

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