A Cooler for the Everyday Man


Not ready to sell a kidney and spend the big bucks on a ultra high tech cooler? Here is another quality cooler option with some tips to keep ice longer.

Black Diamond: Back in the USA


Moving from China to the USA? Take a Black Diamond facility tour, see the process, and check out some new gear from this years Summer Outdoor Retailer 2015.

MSR MiniWorks Water Filter – Old Faithful


You can refer to the MSR MiniWorks water filter as “old faithful” due to its reliability, maintainability, and the abuse it has withstood the world over.

How to Get Pro Deals


Have you always wanted to get discounts on gear like the pros, but get discouraged. We’ll show you how to get Pro Deals in a few simple steps.

Test Your Endurance with Triathlon


If you’ve ever been curious or never understood why someone would want to participate in a triathlon, find out the basics and simple tips to succeed.

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