LifeStraw Water Bottle VS. LifeStraw Family 1.0


Looking for a fast and easy way to filter water? Wes runs a side by side comparison of two of LifeStraw’s most popular water filtration products.

Tactical Combatives | Pt. 3 | Wrestling


Wrestling or ground combatives are not the first option for a soldier in a hand to hand scenario, but there are some key points to the system that should not be overlooked.

The Ultimate Take Anywhere Cooler


The YETI Hopper 20 is the ultimate take anywhere cooler. You won’t find a better or more versatile cooler if you can look past the shocking sticker price.

True Operator Gear: RECCE/SNIPER Chest Rack


Soldiers are always looking for the best gear to help them accomplish their mission. This RONIN chest rack may be up there with the best on the market.

Massif Advanced Quarter Zip Combat Shirt


If you are a soldier, you need breathable and fire resistant gear to keep you protected and comfortable. Check out the new 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt from Massif.

Find the Perfect Camping, Hiking, or Backpacking Destination


Have you ever went backpacking or camping only to find the location was not as advertised? The tool from Hipcamp makes it easy to find the perfect spot.

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