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EDC Belt

The Wilderness Frequent Flyer Belt

The Wilderness Frequent Flyer Belt | A non-metallic, security friendly everyday belt

The cornerstone of the modern man’s everyday carry is his belt. A quality belt not only keeps your pants up, but also provides a stable platform for your everyday carry tools to include a concealed carry firearm. Those who conceal carry a firearm require a quality belt in order to keep the firearm supported close to the body to […]

DalTech Force IndestructiBELT | The World's Strongest Gun Belt

DalTech Force IndestructiBELT | The World’s Strongest Gun Belt

As you probably already know, a quality belt is the foundation of your concealed carry loadout. Not only does a quality belt need to be rigid enough to support your pistol, but it also needs to be made in a way that it will last a long time and be resilient to daily use both […]