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Juliet Two

What Do You Really Need in Your Trauma Kit?

IFAK – What do you really need?

Let’s get started with a couple of combat medicine axioms that form the basis of all combat medicine dogma. Combat Medicine Axiom #1  “Sometimes, the best medicine is fire superiority.” Combat Medicine Axiom #2  “Good medicine at the wrong time is bad medicine.” Since the Loadout Room is organized around first line, second line and […]

Medical Fundamentals

We’ve had several requests for more medical articles.  In order to do this justice, we have to keep in mind a few fundamental truths about medical care in austere conditions. 1.  Do no harm. – Good medicine at the wrong time is bad medicine.  Obtain good training in how and when to apply medical care.  […]

The MacGyver Cric | Special Operations Medical Magic

Next time you are hanging out, happen to have spare airway tubes and IV sets sitting around, and want to impress your medical geek friends with some SOF Medical Magic, throw together a MacGyver Cric.  It’s a great conversation starter if not a great airway….. The following story highlights a bit of SOF medical gadgetry. […]

Doc Up! – Introducing Juliet 2

Juliet 2 contributors include several authors whose medical experience ranges from current and veteran special operations medics, corpsman, PJ’s, physician assistants to board certified physicians.  Each contributor’s medical experience includes field experience in special operations medicine.  The Juliet 2 call sign protects the privacy of the contributors and their current patients, the sensitive nature of […]