Wilderness Survival Kit

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If your idea of a dream vacation is taking a break from the world and disappearing into the wilderness for a few days, this is the kit for you. The Wilderness Survival Kit has everything you need to live off of your back for a few days, from carrying water to protecting yourself from bugs. And once you find a nice place to settle in for the night, you can use the tri-fold shovel to dig yourself a nice latrine… or  a fox hole… depending on the area of the world you do your camping. 

This kit includes:

Boonie Hat/Mosquito Net

MOLLE Hydration Carrier with Bladder

GI ACU Molle Pack

Swiss Poncho

Wilderness Kit 6in1

Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet

GI Tri-Fold Shovel

MOLLE II Entrenching Tool Cover

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