Crate Club Dog Tag Bottle Opener

The Dog Tag’s history can be traced back to the American Civil War as a troop born invention of necessity. Over time the Dog Tag evolved as much as the soldier and is synonymous with the life of soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen everywhere. Crate Club is taking the Dog Tag into a new route, and our Dog Tag marks you as a member of the Snake Eaters Union. We couldn’t help but toss in a little function with so much form.

Let’s be honest here; beer is associated with the fighting man as much as the dog tag, so it’s a natural combination. The Israeli’s put a bottle opener in their service rifle, the Swiss put one in their pocket knife, and we just put one in a dog tag. On the flip side, we’ve attached a highly reflective piece of 3M Solas grade reflective tape to make your bottle opener a signal device in a pinch. We’re all about multi-use products, from identification to recreation we have you covered.

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