Hornady® Critical Defense® Handgun Ammo

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  • Hard-hitting, reliable expansion
  • Polymer-tip inserts prevent bullet clogging
  • Nickel cases eliminate corrosion
Hornady's Critical Defense® handgun ammunition delivers superior performance when it matters most. A soft polymer insert prevents the hollow-point cavity from being clogged with fibers and other materials, which can inhibit reliable bullet expansion. Critical Defense also utilizes premium low-flash propellants to deliver maximum velocity and knock-down energy. For reliable and consistent performance, Critical Defense delivers every time, giving you the confidence in your handgun ammunition that you have come to expect from Hornady.
Available in 9 x 18 Makarov, .32 H&R Magnum, .38 Special, .38 Special +P, .357 Magnum, .45 Auto, .45 Colt

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