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Lynx 12 The Classic 12ga AK: GBguns Video

SDS Imports saved us from the import ban on popular Saiga and VEPR 12ga Ak shotguns with their Cheetah 12.¬† The Cheetah 12 has many features that some consider improvements over the traditional AK design and yet not everyone was satisfied.¬† What about the classic AK safety, Scope rail, and most importantly that tang ta-tang […]

Shots Fired: Spike’s Tactical Roadhouse AR-10: GBguns Video

Not long ago we brought you an up-close look at the Roadhouse AR-10 in .308 from Spike’s Tactical.¬† Ambidextrous controls and no detail overlooked describes this battle tank of a rifle.¬† On a bitter-cold morning with sleet accenting the weather I hit the range for testing. Does the cold impact ammunition performance? Yes.¬† Does the […]

Langdon Tactical 92 Elite LTT Pistol

Many of us who served with the Beretta 92 in the form of the M-9 left the gun with an unfair opinion of it.¬† As a former armorer I can verify that at least in the Army and during my service maintenance including things like replacing recoil springs was not done at intervals civilians use.¬† […]

Ranger Proof Rifle | Enhanced ELC Range Testing

Recently, I received a call from¬†Graham Baates¬†of¬†GBGuns.org¬†and¬†YouTube¬†fame (or infamy). He is also a contributor within the¬†Hurricane Group Inc. family of websites, of which¬†Loadout Room¬†is a part. ¬†GB had received a rifle from Ranger Proof Arms, the Enhanced¬†ELC¬†(Entry Level Carbine) and thought it fitting that a Ranger should take part in the testing of something termed […]

Walther’s Smallest 5″: PPQ .22LR

Many of us learned to shoot with rifles and pistols chambered in .22lr.¬† Personally I had nearly forgotten the caliber when ammunition got scarce and I sought bigger booms.¬† Ammunition has returned to shelves and one simple truth remains; .22lr is an excellent training caliber.¬† Walther Arms understand this and offers a 5″ PPQ in […]

Smoke Wagon by Taylor’s & Co. Brings Back the Old West

Gun-lovers can breathe easily, at least until 2018. ¬†The 2016 elections have eased fears that what we want today may be banned tomorrow (Except behind enemy lines in California). ¬†We’ve rushed out and bought our AR-15s, normal-capacity magazines, and loaded up on ammo. ¬†At least for a little while we can relax and get back […]

The Truth About Gun Tests: The Accuracy of Modern Firearms

Gun tests are everywhere. ¬†It seems that for every make and model there is a report of amazing results, especially if it’s in a pay-for-play magazine or on a pay-for-play YouTube channel. ¬†Countering those claims are often dozens of e-experts¬†who claim the most terrible experiences¬†ever not recorded. ¬†The truth is they could very likely all […]

Hard Charger: Left Side-Charging Your AR Made Easy

Hard Charger by Devil Dog Concepts makes converting your mil-spec, forged AR upper into a side-charger easy! ¬†The intuitive system mounts on the forward-most section of rail on your upper receiver and replaces your existing charging handle. ¬†The Hard Charger provides a left-side solution to cramped fumbling under an optic. ¬†Side charging permits you to […]

First Look: Lionheart Industries Regulus Beta

Continuing our coverage of the new Regulus modular pistol series from Lionheart Industries we now bring you the Beta.¬† A flat back strap stands out most noticeably in comparison to the Alpha, but the frame is also shorter.¬† The video below shows the Beta with a long slide and non-threaded barrel, but Lionheart offers this […]