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Kevlar Shirt Jacket | First Impression

Kevlar Shirt Jacket | First Impression

Walls Outdoor Goods, is a company which specializes in working apparel. Functional, while tough seems to be the underlying theme behind their collections. Walls Outdoor Goods offer a broad range of products which can accommodate almost anyones needs; hunting, ranching, construction, camp-work, logging, hiking, etc.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the yet to be released, Kevlar Shirt Jacket. This jacket wears like a shirt, but has the warmth of a jacket. According to Walls Outdoor Goods, “this line features 10-ounce brushed duck and Kevlar blend and a double needle diamond-quilt winning with six ounces of synthetic insulation.”

Kevlar Shirt Jacket | First Impression
Snaps are used to close the jacket.

The jacket has a collar like a shirt, and uses snaps up the front to close it. There are two lower front pockets which offer two options; a fleece lined hand pocket, or a velcro closure on the top. There is one additional zippered front pocket on the exterior. Internal there are two pocket options; one zippered, and one velcro. These internal pockets are perfect for your wallet/phone.

Kevlar Shirt Jacket | First Impression
Internal pockets

The jacket is finished with Walls Outdoor Goods Dry IQ water-repellent. For a quick test I placed my arm in one sleeve and let the water (from my facet) run over it. There was no moisture left on the jacket, and the water simply beaded off. The plan is for me to take this coat through the winter, including late Elk hunting.

Kevlar Shirt Jacket | First Impression
Quick water test: during
Kevlar Shirt Jacket | First Impression
Quick water test: after

It has an easy wearability, and seems warm. I am looking forward to testing this coat, and reporting back what I learned. If you have any specific questions before then feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or via our Comms Check. Also, if you have any specific testing you’d like to see, please reach out to us.

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