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Published on March 30th, 2012 | by Jack Murphy


The Mini-Claymore Mine

From of an American Vietnam veteran and buddy of mine, the Mini-Claymore mine.  These are some pictures he took from his service in Rhodesia.  He tells me that rather than metal ball bearings, that the Mini-Claymore has cube shaped shrapnel that does not project as far, but causes more damage to human tissue.


ColonelProp 1 Like

That is a seriously cool little ordnance buddy to you out at need...

katgirl 1 Like

Kewl!  I love hearing about that conflict since I was interested in finding good material but couldn't at the time.  I remember one time during the Vietnam war someone was experimenting with having a row of small Claymores mounted on armored vehicles to be detonated if an ambush happened.

Old PH2
Old PH2 moderator 1 Like

I was reading that during initial development the Claymore was originally filled with metal cubes, but was only effective to about 30m.  After some tweaking the Mk18a1 was developed with a few improvements that gave it a 30% hit rate at 50m.  They found that softer metal spheres were more aerodynamic and not only increased range but gave better terminal ballistics.  I'm curious what the effective range of one of these little babies is?  

JackMurphyRGR moderator 1 Like

 @Old PH2 I'm not sure what the effective range is, but it is as you say.  The cube shaped projectiles cause more damage but at the cost of less range.

Old PH2
Old PH2 moderator

Similar to the carbide building demo set up?


Very cool. It looks like a bent brick of C4 to me, I notice the edge lines are a little wavy which implies they might be soft. I wonder how they made it?

DeusExMachina 3 Like

I remember reading Andy McNab's book on how he and his SAS mates made improvised claymores using a ice cream box, some nuts and bolts, PE and det cord. Dont ask me, i was never high speed enough to concoct such a thing!

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JackMurphyRGR moderator 3 Like

 @ArcticWarrior Pretty cool, huh!?

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JackMurphyRGR moderator 3 Like

 @Matt2 Yeah, they had to have been metal.  I'll defintely have more stuff from Rhodesia, South Africa, Angola, ect... in the future.

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