Blauer Boots

Blauer Boots!

A little over a month ago I received a package in the mail containing a pair of Blauer Combat/Duty Boots to run some testing on.  Very impressed!  Here are the results:


The first words out of my mouth when I opened the package were, “where are the shoe laces?’.  The Blauer Boots uses something called BOA Lacing System.

The BOA Lacing System replaces the shoe lace with a braided steel cable.  The braided steel cable is made up of 7 aircraft grade steel braids of 7 strands each.  The lacing is guaranteed for the life of the boot.  By simply rotating the BOA knob on the tongue of the boot, you are able to tighten all necessary points of the boot comfortably just as you would with boot laces.  To loosen the cable, simply pull the BOA knob outward.  It’s as simple as that. Extremely quick, fast, and easy!


My first test to break the boots in started off with a standard 12 mile ruck march, just as I did in Ranger Battalion over various types of terrain (concrete, mud, slight water submersion, rocks, etc.)  If you’ve ever worn boots during a deployment or on a road march/hiking, the boot laces often loosen, snag, break, etc.  Not the Blauer Boots.  The way I put them on before walking out of the door in the morning before the ruck, stayed exactly the same throughout the duration of the event until it was time for me to take them off.

I then took the boots over the course of a week and a half to the range here in south Texas and conducted a few urban type tests on them.  The boots held up great to the punishment with flying colors.  Kicking down doors, climbing concrete walls, ropes, etc., usually doesn’t fare too well with less quality boots.  What I really enjoyed about the boots, is the fact that the boots feel a lot like high quality sneakers or jogging shoes, something you can wear all day comfortably without feeling the weight of combat boots used in the military.

The Blauer boot also uses waterproof membrane and waterproof materials, all the while maintaining breath-ability, something I have a hard time finding in water proof/resistant footwear.


Key Features

  • Waterproof full grain polishable leather toe
  • Waterproof membrane blocks water from coming in while still letting perspiration out
  • Mixed leather and suede design for sleek and modern look
  • Durable nylon mesh in key areas provides superior breathability
  • Rubber patch for heel protection and ankle stability
  • Anti-bacterial and moisture wicking lining
  • Notched collar back for calf comfort
  • Molded polyurethane foam insoles with PU foam heel cushion for instant broken-in feel
  • 6″ height
  • Lightweight and flexible compression molded EVA midsole provides long-lasting impact absorption and rebound
  • Integrated ESS shank for stabilization and fast roping
  • Oil and slip resistant rubber
  • Blauer’s hybrid traction tread the pattern for better grip on and off the pavement
  • Fence climbing grooves in the toe
  • Radiused heel for long-shift driving comfort

Overall Rating

After working with these boots for some time now and putting them through the runs, I can easily give this product an A+.  Something I will be recommending to my guys overseas and a product I will use!

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About the Author
is a former U.S. Army Ranger with multiple combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his service within the 75th Ranger Regiment, Nicholas served as an Assaulter, Heavy and Light Machine Gunner, and Designated Marksman.

I served in the U.S. Army.  I have been a police officer for the past twenty-one years and this Blaur boot I bought approximately three months ago is the best boot I have ever worn.  It is the perfect boot for me.  I treaded through a large mud/water puddle yesterday.  This morning, I washed them off and used a rag with soap and they were good to go.  I get up, get dressed put on my boots, turn knob and they tighten quickly, out the door to work I go. No more strenging up my boots, do not have to polish them, etc...



Don't want to read about crap products? So if nobody writes honest reviews of bad products, how are we supposed to know they are bad? I like to be informed.I wanted these, but they are too narrow for my wide feet, even in the wide width. If I go a size up I will be wearing tactical clown shoes. Other than that no complaints. BOA system rocks.


" By simply rotating the BOA knob on the tongue of the boot, you are able to tighten all necessary points of the boot comfortably just as you would with boot laces.  To loosen the cable, simply pull the BOA knob outward. "

What's the knob made of?


What is up with all of these reviews lately? In my opinion they don't read like reviews of pros/cons, strengths/weaknesses; they read like promotional advertisements. Just to try and check myself, I re-read Templar Suppressors, Reaper 33, and the two articles on Arsenal Democracy and they were all similar. I guess my expectations are geared toward not just information but also perspective; it seems to be getting harder to get that lately. Perhaps no one else notices or minds...


Pretty cheap too. They're on my Christmas list.


I'd be more than happy to write about crappy products.



More like time and staffing constraints, bro. Patience. Nick's SOFREP article calling for some serious perspective post Boston showcased his analytical skills. Once the stars line up once again, the LOR will rise again. Just wait.


@NG11B  Maybe he only writes reviews on the good products. Why write an article bashing a product? Plus I'd rather read about great products than crap products... 


Roger that. Big things Re currently in the works!