NEMO OMEN .300 Win Mag AR Sniper Rifle!

NEMO OMEN .300 Win Mag AR Sniper Rifle!

My true passion for weapons systems belongs with long-range precision rifles.  My time as sniper within the 75th Ranger Regiment, I favored the .300 Win Mag, although I mainly operated with the .308 SR-25 due to the rapid engagements in a target rich environment.  When it came to putting rounds on target anywhere from 800-1250 yards, no questions asked, the .300 Win Mag was the go to cartridge of choice.  The .300 Win Mags we used while on deployments were on the Accuracy International chassis (bolt-action) and did the job, the only issue was that when servicing multiple targets at various ranges, the bolt-action didn’t compare to the speed of the SR-25 semi-auto, if it had, trust me, I would have taken it out more often.  Well now, introducing the world’s first AR platform .300 Win Mag.  NEMO’s OMEN .300 Win Mag has given us the SR’s semi auto speed with the .300 accuracy!

I had an awesome time shooting the OMEN last month with a few Special Operations snipers here in Texas and had a blast to say the least.  Having this being my first time operating the weapon, I really appreciated the fact that the weapons system operated just like an AR, the platform is the same.

Typically what I find with AR platform precision rifles is the decrease in MOA accuracy (-.5 to -1.0) when compared to a bolt due to the upper/lower separation, gas release, etc.  The OMEN claims a .5 MOA accuracy out of the box, I can personally attest to their claim, we managed to squeeze out .43 MOA using .300 Sierra Match King 190 grain HPBT, very accurate.


The recoil of the rifle is extremely manageable when compared to the .300 bolt due to the OMEN’s patent pending bolt carrier group that helps reduce felt recoil along with the weapons NEMO PC Tornado Flash Hider!  Another key-note about the weapon is that it was built from the magazine up, just as the A-10 was designed around the main gun.  

We performed a drill with the OMEN, shooting it from 500 – 1100 yards using the two shot drill on a 12×20″ plate at each distance as fast as we could, using Hold-Overs and dials.  Three of us shot the drill with an average time of 11.8333 seconds, well within the acceptance speed for a combat sniper drill.

Some of the key features of the OMEN:

  •  Billet Upper and Lower Receiver, SF Tiger Stripe Anodize
  • NEMO 22” .300 Win Mag Match Grade Barrel
  • Geiselle SSA 2-Stage Match Trigger
  • Free Float Customizable Handguard With Removable Rail System In Black
  • Low Profile Gas Block
  • Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Assembly
  • NEMO Side Charging Handle
  • NEMO PC Tornado Flash Hider
  • Mako Sniper Stock
  • Hogue Overmolded Pistol Grip In Black
  • KNS Anti-Rotational Trigger Pins
  • 2 NEMO 14 Round Mags

MSRP: $5,000 – $6,000


Any major shift in Zero as the gun really heated up? At what range did you test for accuracy? How many round were in your group? How much time did you allow between shots? What was the twist rate on the barrel? I can't believe Nemo is using the word billet in their marketing campaign. They should have said forged 7075 T6 Type 3 hard coat anodized upper and lower. 

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I am not suprised that you were able to shoot buttholes with this rifle.   My only gripe is the stock. At the price they are asking, they could have included a PRS stock that allowed for cheeck weld adjustments, LOP adjustments and the ability to mount a mono pod.   I do understand the weight savings the Mako stock may offer over other choices but its seems like a shortcut to me.   I am not suprized the utilized billet for the receivers and I am not suprised they chose Geiselle for the trigger.   The NB BCG is a tasty choice as well.     Honestly, I am still in love with the Noreen "Bad News" AR in .338 lapua.... Any experience behind this platform Nick? 


.43 MOA? Dude, that's like putting every round through the hole the first round made?


Holy crap, that's an awesome rifle.


Nick - any chance of organizing a SOFREP range day in TX?